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There are countless reasons to fall in love with Warsaw

Narrow-Gauge Railways (Kolejki wąskotorowe)

A ride on a historic narrow-gauge train is an undisputed attraction – and not only for kids! Those who like to explore alternative forms of travel may choose to do so by trolley: narrow-gauge railways were developed in the 19th century to meet the unique needs of the mining, steel extraction and forestry sectors. First pulled by horses, the trains were then powered by steam, then electricity, and since the turn of the 19th century, using combustion.

A train trip of this type - especially when combined with a picnic or visit to the Museum of Rolling Stock - can be an unforgettable experience. Tours take place in accordance with an established schedule, and it is also possible to arrange travel and tours on request, in accordance with specific language needs.

Piaseczyńska Railway (Piaseczyńska Kolej Waskotorowa)
ul. Sienkiewicza  14, Piaseczno, tel. +48 22 756 76 38, +48 607 155 188
(20 km south of Warsaw)

Piaseczyńska Railway is just 20 km away from Warsaw, located at Piaseczno Miasto station. There is a locomotive depot, where the locomotives come to 'rest'. The main station of the railway runs steam-powered 'tourist trains' on Sundays, which run almost all year long (even in the winter months, as wagons are heated). There is a technical and maintenance break, which lasts about a month, and it is scheduled to take place during the time of the most difficult winter weather conditions, when tourists are very few and far between.
From March till October regular Sunday trips from Piaseczno to Tarczyn, then back to Piaseczno, start at 11:00 am and finish running at 16:00.
Route: Piaseczno - Tarczyn - Piaseczno
Tickets: regular - 25 PLN, reduced - 12 PLN, children under 3 years old - 5 PLN.
Trains run daily, but on an individual, specialized schedule which must be agreed-upon in advance, based on visitors' needs.

Narrow-gauge Railway Museum (Muzeum Kolei Wąskotorowej)
ul. Towarowa 7, Sochaczew, tel. +48 46 862 59 75
(50 km west of Warsaw)

This is Europe's largest collection of historic rolling railway stock, with the museum located about 60 km from Warsaw. The museum invites you to ride a historic train from Sochaczew to Puszcza Kampinoska; the journey takes approximately six hours, and takes place every Saturday between May and September, and every Wednesday between July and August. The trip is preceded by a tour of the museum.
Tickets: regular - 27 PLN, reduced - 21 PLN, children under 4 years old - 9 PLN.
It is also possible to organize special trips on request.

The Dressin Fraternity (Bractwo Drezynowe)
tel. +48 660 88 97 80

The Fraternity organises meetings for individuals, and open-air events during which the main attraction is trolley rides (either combustion or mechanical engines). The routes run about 100 km from Warsaw; prices are based on individual requests and requirements.

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