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There are countless reasons to fall in love with Warsaw


These are very unqiue places with a specific ambiance, filled with life and which are a very close rendition of life in old Warsaw… Featuring exclusive and rare articles not available in regular shops, or fresh vegetables and fruits straight from a farmer's field. Other popular displays include clothing, electronics and cosmetics. Bazaars mostly attract clients due to their low prices and offer a wide selection of articles, numerous and convenient locations and a unique atmosphere. Every district in Warsaw can claim to have a few such bazaars.

Bazar Na Kole
ul. Obozowa 99, tel. 22 836 23 51
Mon.-Sun. 6 am-6 pm
The place is highly attractive on Sundays, when Koło changes into a place where time has stopped, with an antique market where you can buy almost anything, from furniture to glass, porcelain, paintings, books, disks, instruments and military items. There is a regular grocery market from Monday to Saturday, with the most numerous produce stands showing up on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Bazar Różyckiego
ul. Targowa 54, tel. 22 619 86 42
Mon.-Fri. 6 am-5 pm, Sat. 6 am-3 pm
The oldest and most famous Warsaw bazaar, launched in the 19th century by Julian Rożycki, renowned pharmacist and social activist. After the war, the bazaar was one of the few (if not the only) places selling products not available in national shops, thereby attracting people from far outside the capital. Today, you can find anything from wedding gowns to vegetables, but the bazaar has long lost its touch in terms of international fashion trends. The place has deteriorated in recent years and awaits renovation, along with most of its district, Praga Północ.

Bazar Na Dołku
ul. Braci Wagów 22, tel. 22 648 08 49
Mon.-Sun. 8 am-7 pm
Sells everything from regular groceries to sports accessories, garden furniture and clothing. Plus, on weekends, it has second-hand clothing and equipment markets.

Bazar Namysłowska
ul. Namysłowska 8, tel. 22 818 83 81
Mon.-Fri. 7 am-6 pm, Sat.-Sun. 7 am-3 pm
Groceries, fruits and vegetables, sausage market all week. The biggest second-hand clothing market in all of Warsaw at the weekends.

Bazar przy hali Banacha
ul. Grójecka / Banacha
Mon.-Fri. 7 am-7 pm, Sat. 7 am-3 pm
Fresh fruits and vegetables, sausage market, with a few second-hand clothing stands.