Earth Museum of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Muzeum Ziemi, fot. Filip Kwiatkowski

The museum is housed in two buildings located on either side of Aleja Na Skarpie. The first is the White Palace on Frascati, designed in 1779, while the second is the Pniewski Villa, a former Masonic lodge rebuilt between 1934 and 1935.
The Earth Museum currently houses around 190,000 exhibits. So admire the amazing, largest collection of minerals and rocks in Poland. Discover a great collection of amber, including specimens of truly impressive size. Also enter the room where cosmic darkness reigns. Here, suspended in space, illuminated meteorites illustrate the infinity of the universe and the mysteries it conceals.
The Earth Museum also houses an impressive collection of plant and animal fossils. Find the almost complete skeleton of a forest elephant among the collection. You will probably be surprised to learn that it was excavated in Warsaw.
There is another reminder of the past to be seen in this museum. During the Warsaw Uprising, the Pniewski Villa was the site of heavy fighting. Descending to the lower floor of the building, you will find a marble staircase stained with blood – this is the blood of an unknown insurgent who died here.

Aleja Na Skarpie 20/26, 27

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