Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium

Bulwary Wiślane, Planetarium Niebo Kopernika, fot. Filip Kwiatkowski

The furthest corners of the cosmos, the depth of volcanoes, the beginnings of life on Earth, animals inhabiting oceanic depths, microorganisms invisible to the naked eye and creatures from millions of years ago are here at your fingertips. The sessions, prepared for both children and adults, lasting about an hour, are displayed on a spherical screen that surrounds the audience from all sides. Thanks to a special optical projector, 20 million stars appear on the sky, among which you will see the Milky Way. You will visit distant planets, look for life in space, or travel with kids on a cardboard rocket around the solar system. Very young children will enjoy a film specially for them, and music fans will be interested in the music and laser shows (including Pink Floyd music) and concerts accompanied by projections displayed on the dome. After the screening, take a look at the exhibition ‘See: Earth’, take a picture of yourself in an spacesuit or look out the window of a space station.

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ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20

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