Although there is no dearth of modern supermarkets in Poland’s capital, many Warsaw residents like to do their daily shopping at traditional, old-style market halls. There they can find fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables, cheese, eggs, milk, meat and sausage, bread and other staples as well as fresh herbs and flowers.

Hala Mirowska, fot. Filip Kwiatkowski

Among the biggest markets of that type are the stalls surrounding Hala Mirowska, and Szembek’s Bazaar. A stroll along the market stalls is a good opportunity to sample Polish varieties of apples or well-known brine-cured products straight from the barrel such as brined cucumbers and sauerkraut.
A visit to a market hall is a true treat not only for the palate but also for the eyes. The stalls are full of colourful, sun-ripened fruits and veggies just begging to be photographed. The markets are open from Monday to Saturday when the most shoppers turn up.

Anyone interested in finding ecological, regional or traditionally produced foods would do well to visit the BioBazar (from Tuesday to Saturday) or the farmers market at the Forteca (every Wednesday) where food can usually be purchased directly from their producers.

• Hala Mirowska
pl. Mirowski 1

Bazar Szembeka
ul. Zamieniecka 80

ul. Żelazna 51/53

Forteca Kręgliccy – Targ
ul. Zakroczymska 12

Bazar Olkuska
ul. Olkuska 12

Targ Śniadaniowy
– Skwer AK Granat
– al. Wojska Polskiego/ul. Śmiała

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