Mt 5.14 | Museum of John Paul II and Primate Wyszyński

Muzeum Jana Pawła II i Prymasa Wyszyńskiego, fot. Filip Kwiatkowski

Situated inside the ring surrounding the dome of the Temple of Divine Providence, the museum tells the story of two extraordinary 20th century priests: John Paul II and Primate Stefan Wyszyński. The first of them contributed greatly to the fall of communism, while the second saved the church in Poland during communism. Both of them, through their attitudes to violence, became authorities for millions of people around the world. By visiting each gallery, you will travel through the entire 20th century, from the birth of Stefan Wyszyński in 1901 to the death of Pope John Paul II in 2005. Thanks to quotations from their letters and recorded statements, you will better understand the dramatic events of Poland’s history: the period of the partitions, World War II, Stalinism, the People’s Republic of Poland, Solidarity and Poland regaining independence. In each part, you will hear one of their voices or watch a video featuring them. In the “Room of Tears”, you can imagine how Karol Wojtyła felt after his election as Pope, while in the huge, broken boat in the “Pontifex – Bridge Builder” zone you can reflect on the tragic events of 1981: the assassination attempt on John Paul II, the death of Primate Wyszyński and the introduction of martial law. The exhibition ends with the “Decalogue” gallery with spectacular paintings by Polish avant-garde painter Stefan Gierowski.

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