Museum of Dollhouses, Games and Toys

Muzeum Domków Lalek, Gier i Zabawek, fot. Muzeum Domków Lalek, Gier i Zabawek

Let yourself be charmed and go on a journey back to your childhood. The museum features over 120 carefully restored houses, shops and rooms for dolls from various countries and eras. Pay attention to the details and learn how over the years, not only interiors or furniture, but also fashion and social life have changed. The exhibition also shows various schools: a communal school, with one room where all subjects were taught, and a sports school from Germany from the 1940s.
Find the blue Moomin Family House, a Victorian house, and among religious toys Noah’s ark, a puppet reconstruction of the holy mass and the oldest exhibit, a 200-year-old gothic altar. The smallest of the houses is about 8×10 cm, the largest is 100×100 cm.

Opening hours and Ticket prices

Main branch of the Museum: ul. Podwale 15
Temporary exhibitions: ul. Krzywe Koło 2/4

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