Museum of Fantasy Art

Muzeum Sztuki Fantastycznej, fot. Maciej Deperas

Escape the mundane and embark on an extraordinary journey through a world created by masters of fantasy art. This realm is governed by fantasy, imagination and the dreams of the subconscious. It features traces of fantasy literature, catastrophic visions of the future, elements of the grotesque and fairy tales. Among the dozens of surrealist paintings, you are bound to find one that catches your eye, blows your mind and stirs your emotions. Especially considering that each can be read in a variety of ways.
Every few months, the museum changes the exhibition by organising group and solo exhibitions dedicated to outstanding artists of the genre. So far these have included Wojciech Siudmak, Zdzisław Beksiński and Jerzy Duda-Gracz. Some of the most exciting contemporary artists have pieces in the recurrent exhibition “Fantasy Art in Warsaw”. You can see how fantasy art has evolved and how multifaceted it can be from this perspective.

ul. Ząbkowska 31 (Koneser Praga Centre)

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