National Technical Museum

Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi, fot. Filip Kwiatkowski

This renovated museum, which has been in operation since the 1950s in the Palace of Culture and Science, is a big draw for technology, motor and computer enthusiasts. So step inside and marvel at the work of human hands and minds. Right at the entrance you will see a motoring icon, the famous Ford T – the first mass-produced car.
Inside there are two exhibitions:
– The History of Transport – by sea, land and air, which presents means of transport, from those powered by the steam engine, through successive inventions: ships, motorbikes, cars and aeroplanes. Admire the unique collection of motorbikes that reach the very ceiling.
– The History of Computers. It counts! – will take you back several decades to the time of the first computers and calculating machines, and guide you through their development to the present day. As you look at amazing and beautifully designed computers, you will see how rapid progress has been made in electronics.
The Museum of Technology is a great place for a family trip into the world of technology.

Opening hours and Ticket prices

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