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Neon Museum

Neon Museum, fot. Filip Kwiatkowski

This unique museum is located at Soho Factory, the fashionable, post-industrial space in which the ‘Pocisk’ ammunition factory was located, and later the ‘Osa’ scooter factory.
You will see over 200 neon signs, iconic inscriptions and fascinating stories – this museum is a must-visit for any street art lover. Neon signs which – after having had their best years in the communist era – have fallen into oblivion, regain a second life at the museum. Renovated and colourful, their unusual designs are eye-catching and bring a touch of nostalgia.
Neon signs in socialist Poland fulfilled a different function than in capitalist countries. While in the West their role was always advertising, in People’s Poland, which did not have a free market, they served as information and prestige. As a result of what was called ‘neonisation’, neon lights were placed in urban spaces according to a deliberate plan. They were designed for whole series of streets so that they would form an integral part of the architecture – matching in size and colour and not obstructing each other. Polish neon lights were designed by renowned graphic designers, artists and architects.

ul. Mińska 25

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