Norblin Factory Museum

Fabryka Norblina, fot. Łukasz Kopeć

The Norblin Factory Museum was established as part of the revitalization of the former ‘Norblin, Buch Brothers and T. Werner’ factory, which produced plated metal household goods in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The museum is not limited to just a single building, as exhibits are shown in multiple locations throughout the Norblin Factory complex. During a tour, you will see 10 historic buildings and 50 machines and pieces of equipment that made up the complete production line of the former factory. These include the quench furnace and the incandescent furnaces in which goods were once heated. You can even go inside one of them! The real treat is the hydraulic accumulator that operated the 520-tonne horizontal press. It is the largest and one of the museum’s most valuable pieces. There are only four of its kind left in the world, and one of them lifted London’s Tower Bridge.
Walking through Norblin, you are bound to come across an exhibition of products made at the former factory. The collection includes as many as 400 silver-plated items of tableware. Outside, you can sit on original benches created from factory

The Norblin Factory Museum is best visited with a guide (foreign-language guides are available) who takes on the role of the factory’s former owner. Step out onto the viewing terrace and look through the telescope of time to see how the factory site and its buildings have changed over the years.

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