Copernicus Science Centre

Copernicus Science Centre, fot. Tomasz Nowak

A real paradise for science enthusiasts, not only children! Here you can discover the secrets of nature, conduct experiments on your own and have fun doing it. At the CSC, don’t ask for a guide. Here, everyone is a researcher and discoverer and we don’t do experiments under someone else’s order. You will conduct experiments here on your own, finding out how your senses allow you to perceive the world.
You will find out how much your body can do, its sensitivity to light, colour perception and your susceptibility to illusions. Hundreds of exhibits in the Experimental Zone will help you understand phenomena related to waves and currents.
At the Future is Today exhibition – Digital Brain? you will see innovations that will soon be in our homes and you will learn what changes the near future will bring. You will see if you can trust machines, love a robot and how artificial intelligence ‘thinks’. And you will also see a self-driving car and see how deep fake or modern photomontage works.

In the High Voltage Theatre you will watch an unusual performance with electrical discharges in the lead role and safely electrify yourself to up to 20,000 volts. If you like challenges, check out the Thinkatorium. Equipped with the necessary materials, you can build a bridge or a flying vehicle.
Don’t miss the Robotic Theatre. The humanoids appearing in the play are able not only to speak and gesticulate, but also express feelings.
Be sure to go to the Planetarium of the Copernicus Science Center and see the amazing shows.

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