Enjoy your evening!

A romantic evening in an elegant restaurant or a casual supper amid live music? Classic or trendy and modern? In Warsaw you can cater to your every mood.

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If you want to get to know a classic version of Polish cuisine, Warsaw can satisfy your appetite. Wild-game dishes, steak tartare prepared in front of diners, traditional Polish soups, mushroom dishes or variety meats are on the menu of many a Warsaw restaurant.

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…or modern?

There is no lack of establishments whose chefs reinterpret traditional Polish fare by providing a new intriguing twist to classic Polish cuisine or typical ingredients. The classic herring can also be an ingredient of nigiri with potatoes. Rather than a stomach-settling herbal tea, camomile can be used to prepare a fragrant and refreshing granita, served alongside fennel-flavoured ice cream. And some cooks can use baby peas to whip up a delicate, dill-flavoured panna cotta.

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“Guided” supper

Warsaw’s restaurant scene has been positively evaluated by inspectors of the legendary Michelin guide. Currently two dining establishments may boast one-star status – Atelier Amaro and Senses. Several others have been awarded the BIB Gourmand designation signifying a good quality to price ratio. That title is now held by Butchery and Wine and Kieliszki na Próżnej.

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Each to their own

Impressions of a different sort are afforded by Hala Koszyki whose beautifully restored interior had once housed an urban market hall. At present, the historic structure comprises more than 20 establishments – from elegant restaurants, a seafood place and tapas bar to bistros offering street food from distant corners of the world. The central location of Hala Koszyki makes it a good starting point for further exploration and sightseeing.

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An attraction of the summer season is the Night Market, a kind of food fair held at the site of Warsaw’s former Main Railway station. At weekends, the disused platforms come alive with dozens of stalls featuring a variety of delicacies to the sounds of DJ music. The Night Market operates and feeds the hungry late into the night.
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