Warsaw by season

Warsaw is worth visiting at any time of the year. In the spring, discover green parks and gardens and learn about Easter traditions, while in the summer relax by the Vistula and take part in outdoor festivals and concerts. Autumn is the perfect time to visit royal residences and try warming Polish cuisine, while winter is a great time to see the Christmas illuminations, go ice skating and visit Christmas markets. Find out what attractions await you in Warsaw throughout the year.

Lodowisko na Rynku Starego Miasta, fot. Warszawska Organizacja Turystyczna
Panorama Warszawy, fot. W. Z. Panów, pzstudio.pl
Bulwary wiślane, fot. m.st. Warszawa
Panorama Warszawy, fot. m.st. Warszawa, PZ Studio Zbigniew Panów
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Panorama Starego Miasta, fot. m.st. Warszawa
Panorama Warszawy, fot. Zbigniew Panów, pzstudio.pl
Festiwal food trucków, fot. Warszawska Organizacja Turystyczna
Koncert przed PKiN, fot. m.st. Warszawa