Warsaw is waiting for you

Day by day more and more tourist attractions in Warsaw are reopening to visitors. You will find information what you can already do in Warsaw below.

Stadion Narodowy i Veturillo,fot. m.st. Warszawa


You can use the public bike system. In Warsaw, there are over 500 km of bicycle lanes and 4500 Veturilo bikes for you to use at 300 bike stations. A detailed map can be found here. You can use rental bikes 24 hours a day. More information

Łazienki Królewskie, Pałac na Wyspie, fot. m.st. Warszawa


Royal Łazienki Museum:
– Palace on the Isle, Myślewicki Palace, Museum of Hunting and Horsemanship, Old Orangery, Officer Cadets School, Water Tower, White Pavilion: Tuesday-Thursday 10-16, Friday-Sunday 10-18
– Garden: Monday-Sunday 5-21 (free admission)

– Palace: Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 10-16, Friday 10-18
– Park: 4-8 October: Monday-Sunday 9-18, 9 October – 1 November: Monday-Sunday 9-16, 2 November 2021 – 27 February 2022: Monday-Sunday 9-15 (free admission to the park on Thursdays)

Royal Castle (Gallery of Paintings, Sculpture and the Decorative Arts, the Great Apartment, the King’s Apartment): Tuesday-Sunday 11-17
– Gardens: Monday-Sunday 10-20 (free admission)
– Tin-Roofed Palace: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 11-17

National Museum: Tuesday-Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 10-18, Friday 10-20

Museum of Warsaw: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 11-18, Thursday, Saturday 11-20

Warsaw Rising Musem: Monday, Wednesday-Sunday 10-18

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday 10-18, Saturday 10-20

Fryderyk Chopin Museum: Tuesday-Sunday 11-19

Life Under Communism Museum: Monday-Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 10-18, Friday 12-20

Polish Vodka Museum: Tuesday-Thursday, Sunday 12-20, Friday, Saturday 12-21

Zachęta National Gallery of Art: Monday-Sunday 12-20

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporaray Art: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday 11-18, Thursday, Friday 12-20, Saturday 10-19

Museum of the Archdiocese of Warsaw: Tuesday-Friday 12-18, Saturday, Sunday 12-16
– Crypts: Monday-Saturday 10-17, Sunday 15-17

Museum of Maria Skłodowska-Curie:  Tuesday-Saturday 12-18

Station Museum: Monday-Sunday 10-18

Polish Army Museum: Wednesday-Sunday 10-16
– park around the Museum is open Monday-Sunday 9-18 (free admission to the park)

Museum of Polish Military Technology: Wednesday-Sunday 10-16

Museum of Sport and Tourism: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-17, Wednesday 9-20, Saturday, Sunday 10-17

Neon Museum: Monday-Saturday 12-18, Sunday 11-17

MT 5,14 Museum of John Paul II and Primate Wyszyński: Tuesday-Sunday 12-19

World of Illusion: Monday-Friday 9-20, Saturday, Sunday 10-21

Museum of Caricature: Tuesday-Sunday 10-13, 14-18

• Xawery Dunikowski Museum of Sculpture in Królikarnia Palace: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10-18, Thursday 12-20
– Sculpture Park: Monday-Sunday from 6am till dusk (free admission to the park)

Poster Museum: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10-16, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 10-18

History Meeting House: Tuesday-Friday 15-17, 17.30-19, Saturday, Sunday 12-16, 16.30-19

Museum of Earth: Monday-Friday 9-16, Sunday 10-16

Museum on the Vistula: Tuesday-Thursday 12-19, Friday 12-20, Saturday 11-20, Sunday 11-18

Jewish Historical Institute: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9-18, Tuesday 9-20, Friday 9-16, Sunday 10-18

Museum of Evolution: Tuesday-Friday 9-14, Saturday, Sunday 9-15

Museum of the 10th Pavilion of the Warsaw Citadel: Wednesday-Sunday 10-17
– the area around the Museum is open Monday-Sunday from 9 till dusk

Pawiak Prison Museum: Wednesday-Sunday 10-17

Museum of Independence: Wednesday-Sunday 10-17

Mausoleum of Struggle and Martyrdom: Wednesday-Sunday 10-17

State Ethnographic Museum: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10-17, Wednesday 11-19, Saturday 10-18, Sunday 12-17

Asia and Pacific Museum: Tuesday-Sunday 12-18

Museum of Literature: Wednesday, Friday 11-16, Thursday 16-20, Saturday, Sunday 11-18

Geological Museum: Monday-Friday 9-17.30, Sunday 10-15

Legia Warsaw Museum: Monday-Friday 11-17

Praga Museum of Warsaw: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 11-18, Thursday, Sunday 11-20

Wola Museum of Warsaw: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 11-18, Thursday, Saturday 11-20

Heritage Interpretation Centre: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 11-18, Thursday, Sunday 11-20

Barbican: Tuesday-Sunday 11-18

Museum of Pharmacy: Tuesday-Sunday 10-18

Museum of the Field Ordinariate: Tuesday-Sunday 10-18

Museum of Printing: Tuesday-Sunday 10-18

Katyn Museum: Wednesday-Sunday 10-16

NBP Money Centre: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10-14, 14.30-18, Thursday 10-14, 14.30-20

Museum of Dollhouses, Games and Toys: Monday-Sunday 11-19

Miniature Park: Monday-Sunday 10-18

Be Happy Museum: Monday-Saturday 10-21, Sunday 10-20

Selfie Museum: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 15-20, Friday 15-21, Saturday 11-21, Sunday 11-20

Cosmos Museum: Monday-Friday 9-21, Saturday, Sunday 9-22

Biblioteka Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, fot. W.Z. Panów pzstudio.pl

Other attractions

Copernicus Science Centre: September-October: Tuesday-Friday 9-18, Saturday, Sunday 9-19
– Garden on the rooftop: Monday-Sunday 10-17 (free admission)

Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium: September-October: Tuesday, Wednesday 9-15.30, Thursday 9-19.30, Friday-Saturday 10-21, Sunday 10-19.30

Viewing terrace on the XXXth floor of Palace of Culture and Science: Monday-Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 9-20, Friday 9-22

Viewing terrace on the bell towerat St. Anna’s Church: Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday-Sunday 11-18

Warsaw Zoological Garden: October: Monday-Sunday 9-17, November: Monday-Sunday 9-16

University of Warsaw Library Roof Garden: October: Monday-Sunday 8-18, 1st November 2021 – 31st March 2022: Monday-Sunday 8-15

PGE Nardowy Stadium: Monday-Sunday 11-18

Invisible Exhibition: Monday-Friday 12-20, Saturday, Sunday 10-20

Jewish Cemetery: Sunday-Thursday 10-17, Friday 10-15

Nożyk Synagogue: Sunday-Friday 11-13, 14-17

Botanical Garden in Powsin:
– Garden: Monday-Sunday 9-18
– Orangery: Monday-Sunday 10-17

University of Warsaw Botanical Garden:
– Garden: Monday-Sunday 10-17
– Greenhouses: Friday-Sunday 10-17

OFF Brzeska: Friday 17-1, Saturday 15-1, Sunday 13-20

Concerts of Chopin’s music Time for Chopin: Stara Galeria ZPAF, plac Zamkowy 8, Monday-Sunday at 18.00 (reservation required by 15.00)

Concerts of Chopin’s music in Fryderyk Concert Hall: ul. Podwale 15, Monday-Sunday at 19.00

Concerts of Chopin’s music Chopin Point: ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 83, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 19.00

Concerts of Chopin’s music Chopin Salon: ul. Smolna 14, Monday-Sunday at 19.30

Concerts of Chopin’s music in Fryderyk Chopin Museum: Saturday, Sunday at 17.00 and 18.00

Concerts of Chopin’s music in Warsaw Archdiocese Museum: Monday-Sunday at 18.30

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