Gloss, Matt, Colour. Photography and Warsaw in the 1990s

20paźCały dzień19lutGloss, Matt, Colour. Photography and Warsaw in the 1990s(Cały dzień)


The 1990s: a decade of contrasts, changes, breakthroughs that were in most part captured by a photo camera. Professional and amateur, reportage and art photography conjures up a captivating portrait of Warsaw of the 1990s. Visitors to the Museum of Warsaw will have an opportunity to view over 1,000 photos and films by almost 100 authors including Hartwig, Niedenthal, Rolke, Miller, Bohdziewicz, Musiałówna, Biała or Łoziński.


Październik 20 (Czwartek) - Luty 19 (Niedziela)


Muzeum Warszawy

Rynek Starego Miasta 28-42