november, 2023

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The exhibition organised on the 100th anniversary of the artist’s birthday features four themes present in his oeuvre: landscape, body, abstraction, and icon. The landscapes, composed using flat, geometric forms and painted from various perspectives, bring to mind film shots. Secondly, the body is not an object of aesthetic contemplation, but becomes an almost geometric form, it is simplified, rhythmic, anonymous — the artist sought to depict a sanctified body, abstracted from earthly reality. The third theme, abstraction, refers in this painter’s work primarily to the divine being, transcendence, whose emanation is light, including the light of knowledge and epiphany. And finally, icon — seeing reality through a modern ‘iconic’ prism, Nowosielski introduced a single universal norm, which applies both to early representations of secular motifs and later religious themes. His innovative perspective on the canonicity of religious topics allowed for restoring their original meanings.



November 17 (Friday) - February 4 (Sunday)


Zachęta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki

Plac Małachowskiego 3