Joel Meyerowitz “Streetwise” in Leica Gallery

01lipCały dzień30Joel Meyerowitz “Streetwise” in Leica Gallery(Cały dzień)


From 1st to 31st of July, 2022, the 6×7 Leica Gallery Warsaw will present a photographic exhibition of Joel Meyerowitz entitled „Don’t just look”.
Joel Meyerowitz is a legend of contemporary photography and one of the precursors of so-called “street photography”. He was among the first to make a color an essential element of his artistic language in the sixties and seventies of the last century.
The exhibition at Mysia 3, will focus on the first decades of Meyroeitz’s career. It comprises 50 photographs that allow for tracing the most significant period of the artist’s work. We will see the earliest, both color and black and white photographs, taken in the crowded streets of New York. We will take a look at the shots taken during the photographer’s trip to Europe in 1966-67. And finally, we will admire the iconic pictures taken in the United States in the
1970s, where color finally prevailed over black and white films.

6×7 Leica Gallery Warszawa, Mysia 3 street, 3rd floor
The exhibition is accompanied by a series of “Leica Academy” workshops
Opening hours: Mon. – Sat., 10 am -8 pm.
Admission: 15 zł

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6x7 Leica Gallery Warszawa

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