Siudmak Universum - fantastic art in Koneser Praga Center

15paźCały dzień30gruSiudmak Universum - fantastic art in Koneser Praga Center(Cały dzień)


A unique, retrospective exhibition of Wojciech Sumac’s creations will take place in Warsaw this fall. During the exhibition, people will have
a chance to see over 60 artworks of the legend of polish paintings, including the most famous images, drawings and sculptures.

Wojciech Siudmak is one of few polish creators that gained real international fame. His fan base includes brilliant creators such as Denis Villeneuve, Federico Fellini, George Lucas or Jean-Jacques Annaud. Author’s surrealistic visions have been fascinating and effecting imagination of millions of fantasy fans around the world.

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Październik 15 (Sobota) - Grudzień 30 (Piątek)


Centrum Praskie Koneser

Plac Konesera