The King is Getting Married! The Stockholm Scroll-exhibition

05lutCały dzień10marThe King is Getting Married! The Stockholm Scroll-exhibition(Cały dzień)


The King is Getting Married! The Stockholm Scroll – a Treasure of the Royal Castle in Warsaw – exhibition in the Royal Library in Royal Castle.

The Stockholm Scroll is a unique work of art measuring more than 15 m long. It depicts the ceremonial entry of the wedding procession of King Sigismund III and Archduchess Constance of Austria into Kraków on 4th December 1605.
The frieze, painted on paper, shows members of the royal court, the szlachta (gentry), the army, horses and carriages, thus creating a fascinating cultural record of life in the Vasa era.
The Scroll most probably found its way to Stockholm as war booty acquired during the Swedish Deluge. In 1974 it was donated to the Royal Castle in Warsaw by the Swedish government on the initiative of the Prime Minister, Olof Palme.
The Swedish Scroll requires special environmental conditions which is why it is rarely displayed. This exhibition is a unique opportunity to see this splendid work of art.

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Luty 5 (Wtorek) - Marzec 10 (Niedziela)


Royal Castle

Pl. Zamkowy 1