White Red. The Polish Wine Festival

24czerCały dzień25White Red. The Polish Wine Festival(Cały dzień)


The festival is an ideal opportunity for meeting winemakers and networking. It is a venue for wine-tasting and comparing various styles and methods of production. Over two days, one can taste the wine of about 30 selected producers from all the major regions, and find that Polish wines can successfully compete with foreign ones. To accompany the wines, stands in the Fort’s courtyard will also offer cheeses and meats from local producers.

There will also be numerous peripheral events, including discussion panels and seminars led by experienced wine experts, including prof. Wojciech Włodarczyk, Marek Bieńczyk, Wojciech Bońkowski, and Maciej Nowicki. In addition, a meeting will be held with producers to discuss how sharing experiences can provide new insights on the development of wine culture in Poland, and form the basis for an interesting trend: Polish eno-tourism.

24 June: open day
25 June: business day

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czerwiec 24 (Niedziela) - 25 (Poniedziałek)



ul. Zakroczymska 12