Warsaw Public Bike Veturilo

There are 300 stations where you can rent a Veturilo city bike in Warsaw. A total of over 3200 bikes are offered, including 2900 conventional bikes, 300 electric bikes and 30 tandems. For the first 20 minutes, rides are free. The bikes are accessible around-the-clock from 1 March to 30 November, a nine-month period. They can be found in all of Warsaw’s 18 districts, but Śródmieście, Wola, and Praga Południe have the highest concentration.

Veturilo, fot. ZDM
Veturilo, fot. ZDM
Veturilo, fot. ZDM

How to register?
via the website veturilo.waw.pl
via the Veturilo mobile app
An initial fee of at least PLN 10 must be paid during registration.

How do I rent a bike?
1. Open the Veturilo Mobile App.
2. Scan the QR code on the bike or enter the bike number.
3. Click “Rent a bike” (Wypożycz rower).
4. The O-lock located on the rear wheel will open automatically. Additionally, the lock has a function that allows you to park a bike safely without ending the rental.

Where to rent and return a bike?
You can find an up-to-date list of all locations from which you rent and return a bike at veturilo.waw.pl/en/map and in the app.
Bikes are still best left at Veturilo stations, or you can leave your bike in a return zone, which are additional spaces such as public bike parking areas. The system will charge an additional fee of PLN 15 for leaving a bicycle there. In turn, if you bring your bike from a return zone to a Veturilo station, your account will be credited with PLN 5.
Abandoning a bicycle, i.e. ending a rental outside a Veturilo station or return zone, is not allowed. Such behaviour may result in a penalty being charged to the user by the system operator. Each bike is equipped with GPS.

How much does it cost?
Renting traditional and tandem bikes:
1-20 minutes – PLN 0
21-60 minutes – PLN 1
Second hour – PLN 3
Third hour – PLN 5
Fourth and each subsequent hour – PLN 7

Rental of electric bikes:
1-20 minutes – PLN 0
21-60 minutes – PLN 6
Second and each subsequent hour – PLN 14

You will find the full price list at veturilo.waw.pl/en/price-list/.

Regulations of the Veturilo Warsaw Public Bike System

For more information, visit www.veturilo.waw.pl or call 19 115.