We’ve got it! The title of “European Best Destination 2023” belongs to Warsaw!

We are pleased to announce that in this year’s edition of the competition for the best tourist destination in Europe, Warsaw turned out to be unbeatable! Internet users from over 135 countries decided that Warsaw would wear the honorable laurel of victory.

The competition lasted three weeks, during which 21 European cities sought votes from Internet users. Warsaw won decisively with 142,081 of your votes. Athens followed with 91,023 votes, while Slovenian Maribor came third with 68,641,000 votes. Congratulations!

In addition to the title of “European Best Destination 2023”, which was determined by the result of the plebiscite, Warsaw was also appreciated and distinguished by the organizer in four other categories:

Best Destinations for a city break
Best Destination for Food Lovers
Best Cultural Destination
Safest Destinations in Europe

Once again, thank you very much for your commitment and all the votes cast for Warsaw!